Saturday 18 February 2017

"Surely a badge of honour"

That was literally tweeted just a minute ago (at the time of typing).

Meanwhile, just a few minutes earlier, Joe was alluding to Brexit on BBC One's Weekend News bulletin and tying it to the word "problem":
So, Joe, what are Peugeot hoping to get from the Prime Minister? Quite simply, they will be hoping to get at least as good a deal as Nissan acquired from the Prime Minister last autumn. Back then, the Prime Minister promised Nissan that they would get investment in electric cars and local components, as well as free and unencumbered access to European markets. The problem for Theresa May and Vauxhall is that Britain is leaving the single market, and probably the customs union, which means tariffs might be applied to British made cars sold on continental Europe

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  1. This one is also quite 'special' in many ways...


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