Saturday 25 February 2017

Some of the news that's fit to print

One of the stories that has greatly excited the political world today has been London mayor Sadiq Khan apparently tarring the SNP with the charge of 'racism' at the Scottish Labour Party Conference, causing an almighty stooshie as a result, getting condemned by a strongly disapproving Nicola Sturgeon and then, as a result, rowing hastily back and saying, no, he didn't accuse the SNP of racism after all. 

He's had quite a day!

Curiously, the BBC News Channel and tonight's BBC One early evening news bulletin have paid no attention to this story whatsoever (despite covering the Scottish Labour Party Conference). 

The BBC News website did cover the story though. Its present report concentrates almost entirely on giving Mayor Khan's defence, undiluted. 

In fact, reading that report, he could hardly have hoped for kinder coverage from the BBC here. Lucky man!


  1. Pity the BBC having to choose between their pet Nicola and her twin desires, break up the UK and remain in the EU, that they share or their second favourite Muslim, (after Nadiya), who is 'off message' with his:-

    "Now is the time to build unity, create a more United Kingdom and ensure everyone has the opportunities they need to succeed."

    Unity and success, hardly BBC 'values'.

  2. All he needs to throw in is that Scotland is a negative net migration country - which proves they are racist. :)


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