Thursday 23 February 2017


There was a startling BBC News website article a couple of days ago, Trump condemns 'horrible' anti-Semitism, that certainly did seem to be pushing an agenda more than it was simply reporting. 

As well as quoting lots of  criticism, including "scathing" attacks, on Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, the closing paragraphs of the piece positively drip with innuendo:
Mr Trump's condemnation comes after days of criticism that his administration lacked a plan to deal with a recent spike in reports of anti-Jewish threats. 
Last week, when he was asked about the matter during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr Trump cited his presidential election victory. 
"I think one of the reasons I won the election is we have a very, very divided nation, very divided. And hopefully, I'll be able to do something about that," he told an Israeli reporter. 
Later that week an orthodox Jewish reporter asked Mr Trump about US anti-Semitism, while emphasising that he was not linking the president himself to such incidents. 
Mr Trump responded he is the "least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life", before telling the reporter to be quiet as he tried to ask a follow-up question.
The whole piece seems to reinforce the point David made in the comments to the previous post (in connection to another BBC website article on the same subject), "This was just an excuse for the BBC to slip in the vile, false narrative that Trump is possibly an anti-Semite".  


  1. Meanwhile that upstanding example of "impartial, free and fair" reporting Jon Sopel (and part-time comedian) was frantically tweeting first "What @realDonaldTrump said about 'horrible' #Antisemitism will go down well with jews in US, but why didn't he say it last week when asked?" (41 likes and 13 retweets) then, when that one didn't seem to get enough attention, followed with .. The #annefrank centre slams @realDonaldTrump: "Your too little, too late acknowledgement of #Antisemitism today is not enough." (106 likes and 53 retweets) perhaps his best result in awhile which wasn't one of his wan jokes.

    I really think that the BBC North America bunch are just sneering at Trump and clearly Jon Sopel just loves Obama still ... the tie, the background photo of his twitter account and he has the audacity to work Twitter under the BBC title !

  2. So where is the BBC coverage of this recent spike in reports of anti-Jewish threats? They usually rush to report spikes in other 'hate crimes'.


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