Sunday 19 February 2017

Another joke

Everyone's a comedian:

For an alternative (non-sarcastic) take about Trump's comment about Sweden please try here.

And for the BBC's counterblast to such pieces try this new BBC website piece.

The first, the Spectator piece, says that, though bizarrely wrong about what happened in Sweden 'last night' {i.e. didn't happen}, Trump was generally right about Sweden.

The other, the BBC piece, pretty much devotes itself to trashing Trump's claims in their entirety.


  1. The last redoubt of the idiot left is their "majoring on minors". Trump is, of course right about serial assaults or attacks on Gothenburg and Malmo...but maybe, just maybe Friday night was a mere cleaning-up night.
    But we saw this last year-Trump got mocked for saying that Birmingham and London were no go areas...turns out it was Berlin and Nice.
    How wrong can you be though eh?
    The Left are now reduced once more to yelling re inaccuracies over David Kellys pills or Andrew Gilligans diary details on his laptop-as opposed to the bombs, carnage and beheadings.

    Sorry Beeb-nobody`s listening any more. After Cologne-fake news is now going through your spine as if it was made of candy striped rock...Fake News, Fake News...

  2. The £5 billion BBC organisation had still not found out at 10pm tonight that Trump had earlier clarified his comments. He was referring to a programme on Fox about Sweden's problems which had aired "last night".

    It was loose sentence construction...perhaps misreading of an autocue...but it was NEVER a claim that there had been a terrorist incident in Sweden the night before as the Swedish embassy wants us to believe.

    1. Enough like minded folk #tellitoftenenough and THE TRUTH is born.


    2. Well - referencing SS-GB tonight - you're either in the Resistance or not. :) That's probably not the moral that the BBC intended.


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