Saturday, 25 February 2017

Lead story

As Ozfan noted on an earlier thread (concerning Radio 4's news bulletins this morning), it's striking that the BBC News website is now leading with:

I've noticed before (as, no doubt, have many of you) that David Miliband's statements on any subject of political importance tend get a very high billing in the BBC's reporting (or on Newsnight), despite him having been out of UK politics from over six years and leading a humanitarian organisation rather than a political organisation. 

He's long been like 'the king over the water' for people of a certain outlook (including, perhaps, some at the BBC). 

It's a safe bet to say that the Corbynistas on Twitter won't be happy.

Update 14:20 Intriguingly, poor David Miliband is no longer the BBC's lead story and has vanished from their website's home page. He's been replaced by that nice Tom Watson:


  1. If he'd come back to 'save' the BBC... sorry... the country from Ed with careful timing, he'd have been a shoo in.

    Now, not so sure, as the Jez years have created a party only Stoke could love.

  2. Top stories don't stay up for that long unless it's anti-Trump or something else really important to the BBC. The question is, has the Miliband story vanished entirely after complaints?

    It's just 'balance'. They replaced a story about Labour being in trouble in connection to Corbyn with another one supporting him.