Saturday 18 February 2017

Tiny BBC

Brand new story on the BBC World page - the fifth most important story in the world apparently, if the BBC's news priorities are correct:

It's presently the second most-read story on the BBC website (alternative headline: Internet memes mock Donald Trump by making him look small - literally). 

The article largely consists of mocking photos from opponents of Mr. Trump.

At the very bottom of the article, however, in the final paragraph you'll feel the 'balancing' bit - some anonymous commenter saying it's "just idiotic".


  1. Sopel doubles down on the Trump = Hitler meme...

    Also - is that pic of him with Obama in identikit Democrat blue silk ties a recent thing? I don't recall that from my last visit to his twitter account. It's a bit "We're biased and we don't care" isn't it?

  2. Of course, proof that the BBC is not biased against Trump would be a list of all the BBC pieces about memes and social media mocking Obama.

    Oh, hang on....

  3. Bbc World seems to be granted a 'views their own' exemption the BBC accords all staff.


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