Thursday 16 February 2017

Press conference

I have to quickly say something about the Trump / Netanyahu press conference.

I happened to watch it on Sky. As soon as it was over, Kay Burley immediately said something about ‘settlements’, which demonstrates the media’s reflexive reaction to anything to do with Israel and the Palestinians, (and no wonder, the way the propaganda machine has been working at it.)

I didn’t even bother to switch to the BBC to see if their response was similar. 
The first to review it (when I Googled straight away) was the Washington Post. They picked one particular stand-out moment, which I must say worried me too. You have to wonder if Trump is ‘all there’ when he behaves so oddly.

However, let’s set aside our worries about President Trump’s idiosyncratic personality for a minute, and concentrate on other interpretations of what was said. Or what wasn’t said. 

The New York Times says Trump “Backs away from Palestinian State” in its headline, but the first clip on its website shows the bit about settlements. “I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a bit”
When Trump said “I’m looking at two-state and one-state formulations” and ‘I want what they want’ one wonders if the vagueness was there to cover up the fact that he didn’t really know what he was talking about, or because he knew but preferred not to say, or a bit of both.

‘Time’ goes for the Washington Post angle. “Talking about his Electoral College win at inappropriate moments”, but NBC  is headlining “Settlements”. Of course the other bizarre moment was his mini rant about Flynn being badly treated by “Fake Media”, of which there is a clip on their website.

The Independent is more interested in the fact that Trump only took questions from ‘right-wing’ news outlets. 

As for the BBC,  Nothing particularly surprising or enlightening there.
No-one seemed interested in the Israeli PM’s remarks about the Palestinian education system or the e Palestinians' refusal to recognise Israel as the Jewish state, not to mention their aspiration to eradicate it altogether.
For more  thoughtful debate, look at Harry’s Place, catch the btl comments while you can.


  1. You say: "Kay Burley immediately said something about ‘settlements’
    That's only to be expected. This is how it works: TV and radio reporters/presenters have reflexive positions. Give me a story and I'll tell you the first six questions which these brainless hacks will ask. The questions are supplied by researchers, bless their little hearts, who are also trying to impress their bosses. The presenters do not have the time (or the the intellect) to produce original questions. Their object is (a) to impress their bosses and (b) build a reputation among their colleagues. I offer you below, questions and their required facial responses.
    "Israel" - "settlements". (mild disapproval)
    "Russia"? Hacking elections. (quizzically raised eyebrows)
    "Brexit" - violent supporters (Frown)
    "Milo" - racist (Big frown)
    "Trump" - !!@@@!!! (Smug condescension)
    Am I wrong?

    (PS Wasn't Sky's Kay B. the presenter who announced on September 11th 2001, when she had no autocue to help her and had to depend on her wits, that "The entire east coast of the USA had been wiped out"?

    1. It was also Sky's Kay B who, when asking a shopkeeper who trashed his store in the Tottenham gang lord riots, was told only to announce 'you can't say that!'.

      She is quite special.


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