Saturday 25 February 2017

BBC ban

The BBC - along with several other media outlets - was refused access to the latest White House briefing by Sean 'Spicy' Spicer and is now seeking 'clarification':

The BBC's Head of Newsgathering, Jonathan Munro, tweets:

In other news, Jon Sopel tweeted the following yesterday:

The responses he received included the following:
  • It *is* the Russian flag......
  • Similar? Do you know what a Russian flag looks like @BBCJonSopel?
  • That must be a setup, no?
  • Handed out by Huff Post journo I hear. No wonder Trump doesn't want @BBCNews in his press briefings.
The story behind it is reported here. Russian flags were handed out to the crowd by "a political prankster". The organisers of the conference then confiscated the flags.


  1. The BBC has:

    A) banned me from their complaints system for two years, held the appeal inquiry in camera, and are still refusing to cooperate with the ICO on breaching data protection laws to search my online history elsewhere.

    B) Have so far refused every FOI request I have made based on the blanket exemption they enjoy.

    So trust in their transparency is limited, when the main power they will not hold to account is themselves.

  2. Ah bless!
    Institionalised Post-Trump Stress Disorder(PTSD) can in fact be carried from Business Class to First Class lounges, if no precautions are taken, no care considerations given.
    Nurse-the screens....oh dear, it`s the bloody test card again, seeing as we`d rather have NO news than their FAKE news.
    Hence Breitbart-and indeed sites like ours!


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