Saturday 9 December 2017


I've heard the term "hardliners" on the lips of BBC reporters over the past couple of days or so. It has been applied to two groups of people: those Iranians who are dead against Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe and those Brexiteers who want 'a hard Brexit'. Frank Gardner is one example of a BBC reporter who has been using the term about those Iranians, and Mark Urban is one example of a BBC reporter who has been using the term about those Brexiteers. Oddly, I've never considered either of those to be particularly hardline BBC reporters themselves. 


  1. BBC hardliners will persecute anyone who doesn't abide by the following precepts (there are of course hundreds but these are some of the important ones):

    All diversity is good.

    All inward migration is good.

    Young people are wiser than old people.

    All religions and cultures are of equal merit.

    Women can do anything that men can do (but the opposite does not apply).

    All women want women to have the right to fight in the front line.

    No populist election or other vote is ever won fairly.

    The threat of nuclear war can only emanate from the White House.

    No one may be mocked for their physical appearance apart from gingers and Donald Trump.

  2. ...I said there are literally's true. Here are some more:

    Folk cultures cannot be mocked unless they are English folk cultures in which case they can be mocked.

    Women must have equal or better representation in all trades and profession except unpleasant or low esteem ones like sewer clearance, refuse collection and shelf-stacking.

    The housing crisis is not caused by mass immigration.

    If an ethnic or religious minority is over-represented in the criminal justice system, that is because of racism and nothing else.


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