Sunday 24 December 2017


People can be very mean about the BBC. You hear them complain that it's end-to-end cookery programmes on the BBC most days. That's rubbish, of course. I'm just watching the end of The Prince and Me on BBC Two, and that's not a cookery programme. It's a romantic comedy. Plus I'm betting the BBC has a wonderful variety of programmes for me, even if I stick to this one BBC channel. OK. Let's click on the onscreen guide and see what's coming up. Oh, well yes, the next programme at 9.15 is The Big Family Cooking Showdown. Oh, and that's followed at 10.15 by Saturday Kitchen Best Bits. But that's just two programmes. You must judge the BBC over time! Oh, and then it's Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas Favourites at 11.45 and The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas at 12.20 and Alex Polizzi's Perfect Christmas at 1.20. Good grief, it's only Christmas Eve! By 2.20, when Alex Polizzi's Perfect Christmas ends, I'll already be sick of food and starting my diet.

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  1. Bread and circuses are as old as the Roman Empire...They hope to keep our bellies stuffed with food so we can't resist their attempts to stuff our minds full of PC multiculturalism/Russian conspiracy theories/globalist economics/Trumpophobia/Merkel Worship/Brexit Reversal Fantasies - fortunately I am bulimic when it comes to their mind fare. I projectile-vomit the lot of it back across the living room. :) There's a nice Christmassy thought.


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