Saturday 2 December 2017

Please Mr. President, do it again!

Did you hear Sangita Myska’s report about Britain First on the Today Programme? 
All I can say is impartiality has been abandoned  and value judgments reinstated, in new improved BBC-land. 

Sangita couldn’t conceal the venom in her voice when uttering the words “Far right” “Jayda Fransen" and anything related to “Britain First”. 

Now, we all know that Britain First’s raison d’être is actively fighting the rise of Islam in Britain.
This is racist because Islamophobia is deemed a form of racism. (Racism is  bad, and good people always boast that they haven’t got a racist bone in their body.)

You know that thing that goes: some good people do bad things and some bad people do good things? Well, that explains “pinkwashing”, which, as you know, is how Israel-haters deal with the fact that Israel is “gay-friendly”. In other words, they’re saying bad people do good things to cover up their evil intent. (When Israeli teams rush to disaster  areas, set up field hospitals, treat wounded Syrians and so on it’s only a devious and cunning plan to mask their malevolence.)

This very theme dissolved into farce this morning when two representatives from the anti-Britain-First brigade, a 'born again' anti-BF evangelist and someone from 'Prevent', described the way that Britain First were cunningly and deviously being ‘nice’ to old people and poor people and homeless people and dogs and cats in order to fool everyone into not hating them.

I just thought how lacking in political nous it all was. Did nobody realise that this particular 'accusation' (being nice) could be hurled at any politician of any stripe whatsoever. Particularly the Corbynistas? Being nice is a cunning and devious way of getting votes! They all do it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sneaky, eh? 

Hilariously, BBC reporter Sangita Myska has fallen into the same trap as The Donald. Talk about reTweeting mad stuff!. Sangita herself seems to have retweeted fake news.

As several Twits have pointed out, it’s a photoshop affair. (Or is it?)

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