Tuesday 26 December 2017

Truth-seeking on the Mongolian Steppes

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I know I really shouldn't but sometimes you just have to for the sake of your own sanity (and while Rob Burley away drinking cocktails - cheers! - surely someone needs to do this kind of thing)...


Here's something that someone got up to post at 6:39 on Christmas Day on a neighbouring blog (perhaps eager to see what Father Christmas had brought). It's got 36 'likes' and counting so far too. Well done, sir!

It concerns a BBC News website article headlined Modern women in the land of Genghis Khan, about which I also penned a world-conquering piece a few days ago:

I have been waiting for a fortnight or so in the hope that someone more knowledgeable and accomplished would tackle this one.
No one has, so this is my best effort.
TWMTB has an article. About women, naturally. Non white women naturally. muzzies, naturally.
Entitled “Mongolia: Modern women in the land of Genghis Khan”
Which starts with a panoramic view of a 100m high statue of a man on a horse.
Not just any man, but Ghengis Cunt, one of the all time, by Confucian, Christian, Hindu and Bhuddist (ie the highest) ethical standards, Grade A assholes.
Ghengis Cunt, and his immediate, islamic, descendants, killed about 25 million people. Some feat, given they were armed with swords and bows. They were dedicated.
However, the muzzie Mongolians must have been disappointed, since the stated aim of GC was to destroy all the agriculture in the Chinese Sung Empire. About 200 million people would have died. But that is what muzzies do.
They failed. However GC did succeed in destroying the Northern (Hsia) branch of the Chinese empire. All agricultural land replaced by pasture for their horses.
GC, and islamic progeny, also destroyed the Khwarezmian Empire. Iranian based with an intellectual and political history since Cyrus the Great. So successfully that the infrastructure for the water supply has never been restored.
The islamic descendants of GC exacted tribute from Kievan Rus and its successors for over two hundred years.
The (islamic) Crimean Tatars continued the depredation until c19. That is what you do when you are a superior muzzie.
islamic al-beeb starts frothing at the mouth when a photograph of the Venus of Willendorf (100mm high) is displayed. Because it’s “European”.
900 million dead due to the muzzies, it’s only a statistic, uncle Joe said so, so it is OK.
Do not be disappointed lefty beeboids, your predecessors murdered nearly as many as the muzzies, and the future is yours.
Let us celebrate the muzzie murders together. And exceed their “achievements”, you know it makes corbynsense.

Love the "Islamic a-beeb starts frothing at the mouth" bit there!

Alas for this particular truth-seeking chap, Genghis Khan wasn't a Muslim, and nor were any of his immediate descendants. They were all either Tengrists (pagans) or Buddhists. It was several generations before the first one of them converted to Islam, by which time the truly heavy-duty slaughter was over.

And it wasn't 'muzzies' who destroyed the Khwarezmian Empire. That was actually a case of pagans destroying a Muslim empire!  

And as for, "TWMTB [code for the BBC, 'the world's most trusted broadcaster] has an article. About women, naturally. Non white women naturally. muzzies, naturally", well, I very much doubt that any of the women featured in that article are 'muzzies'. They don't have Muslim-sounding names and, besides, there are very few Muslims in present-day Mongolia. 

Other than that....!!

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