Sunday 3 December 2017

Mark Mardell gets the same scoop he got a few months ago

A familiar face

Jings! Crivens! Help ma boab! Mark Mardell and his The World This Weekend weren't exactly going our of their way today to dispel the impression some people have (namely me) that this is the most consistently anti-Brexit current affairs staple on the BBC. Mark's introduction today was pure The World This Weekend:
Welcome to The World this Weekend. This is Mark Mardell. "Brexit has undermined the Government's commitment to a fairer Britain", claims Alan Milburn as he resigns as their social mobility commissioner. In a wide-ranging interview Tony Blair tells me about his plans to undermine the Brexit coalition, the dangers of leaving the European Union for Northern Ireland and why he thinks the whole thing is doomed.
Incidentally, this is Mark Mardell's second "wide-ranging interview" with Tony Blair on The World This Weekend this year. The last one was in late April

Last time Mr. Blair was on, Mark previewed it on Paddy's Broadcasting House by describing him as "a very special guest". Today, Mark and Paddy said that TWTW has "scooped" by getting Mr. Blair. Some will groan, some will cheer, said Mark, but "he is very interesting". 


  1. Let's put it this way...I'd be very surprised if Mardell was a stranger to Blair's dining table. Mardell I believe is a player, not just an enthusiastic pro-EU cheerleader.

    1. Nick Robinson is also a player. On the field, hacking away at the opposition's legs.

  2. What's with the "Oor Wullie"?


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