Saturday 23 December 2017

Every silver lining has a cloud

Tom Symonds

BBC One's main evening news bulletin last night had a typically downbeat take on the colour change to the British passport. Its report on the story ended with a reminder that Brexit is both 'tough' and 'divisive':
Brexit is tough; changing the passport colour relatively easy. But like Brexit, it's dividing the nation between those who say "At last", and those who say, "Why bother?" Tom Symonds, BBC News.
And a Merry Christmas to you too Tom! 


  1. Yes, the BBC palate mustn't really have a true royal blue in it. Red is the preferred colour of course. I saw this piece on the News yesterday where the BBC the graphics department turned the passport's colour gradually from burgundy red to a sort of muddy grey with a hint of blueish hue. Whoever the operative was, he/she (or neither) couldn't bring themselves to show an image of the glorious old traditional British passport in its true blue colour with golden lettering.

  2. I expect BBC staff go home of an evening and tell their children to be good and go to bed or "the Brexit monster will come and divide you".


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