Saturday 23 December 2017

That would be a Mexican matter

Alinka Echeverria 

The BBC is, it goes without saying, more than capable of conjuring up the occasional gem.

One such gem is a recent BBC Four series on Mexican art called The Art That Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it strongly to you too.

Even if you think you couldn't care less about Mexican art I suspect you'll find that you do care (even if only a little bit) after watching this glorious series. 

And my feelings towards presenter Alinka Echeverria are very warm. (I'd happily watch her present every episode of Newsnight, and every other BBC programme - and, yes, Mr Burley, even The Andrew Marr Show). She obviously knows of what she speaks and was infectiously enthusiastic about the wonders of Mexican art. 

(P.S. For fans of classical music, obscure blogs and things Mexican, I'd also recommend a ten-part series of posts at a defunct blog called Serenade to Music that pursues a similar path from a position of very little knowledge but much enthusiasm. Warning: You wouldn't find its author quite as telegenic as the BBC's Alinka though). 

My favourite discovery (among many) was Dr Atl - the Mexican anarchist-turned-volcano-loving-nationalist - whose life-threatening encounters with the newly-sprung and highly active volcano Par√≠cutin produced hallucinatory works like this:


  1. The only thing I would say about Alinka's beauty regime would be that a monobrow would be more fetching and alluring. A little in-joke there for lovers of Mexican art. The rest of you don't need to laugh. :)


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