Saturday 3 February 2018

A barrister in a balaclava?

Well, it isn't just masked far-left thugs...

Nick Robinson: Treasury officials are "fiddling the figures" on Brexit Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Today & unlike Brexit minister Steve Baker he refuses to apologise.
Tim Baldwin: Why is BBC facilitating him and not challenging him head on in promulgating this acknowledged lie - do they look upon him as a "faragist" Toffish Trump to create a story to run?
Nick Robinson: Did you hear the interview? If you did & thought he wasn't challenged I'm lost for words.

His question "Why is (the) BBC facilitating him?" is a very 'Samira Ahmed' one, isn't it? 

As Rob Burley might say: So, here's the thing, people you don't agree with will sometimes be on the radio.


  1. Yes, it's all part of the same PC multiculturalist madness that is (irony of ironies) resulting in paintings from the Victorian period being removed from galleries, Churchill-themed restaurants being trashed and (not reported by MSM) Anne Marie Waters being denied a venue to speak at in Plymouth.

  2. Reckon Nick and Laura are now in a safe house leaning on each other's shoulders wailing 'It's soo unfair.....!"


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