Sunday 25 February 2018

When the hurlyburly’s done...

It was Rob Burley's final Andrew Marr Show today. Barring a final burst of Twiiter thunder, lightning and rain, the hurlyburly’s now done but has the battle been lost or won? After, all guess what was just about the very first thing I saw on Twitter this morning? Well, this!:

That 'Who not?' was sent to Rob Burley just after his final show ended by the alt-left, BBC-bashing site The Skwawkbox about 10 minutes after Andrew Marr had concluded his closing interview with Liam Fox by grilling him about that very thing - the Ben Bradley apology. That went on for nigh on three minutes and AM ended the interview by mocking Dr. Fox's evasiveness ("Yes but no but yes but no but yet but no. That is how we end"). 

And, as you may have spotted, The Skwawkbox was also passing on a bit of 'fake news' there by saying that the 'corbyn and Spy story' was "all over #marr last wk". It most certainly was not!! Famously, last week's Andrew Marr Show got into a spot of bother from 'the other side' (our side!) by not talking about it after Andrew Marr had dismissed the latest newspaper report about it as "rather thin" during his run-through of the front pages. 

So such nonsense will continue to rain down on Rob's successor, week in and week out. Will his successor be as open to engagement with the complaining public though? I hope so.

Update: Naturally, before signing off, Rob couldn't let that Skwawkbox bit of fake-news Beeb-bashing pass without reply:

And here is Rob Burley's 'sign off' as editor of The Andrew Marr Show:

Sunday's won't be half as much fun without the infuriating but funny Twitter feeding frenzy that surrounds Rob's Twitter feed. Onwards and upwards!

Final Update: Those nice people from Skwawkbox have conceded gracefully. (Well, they've conceded anyhow!):


  1. And with a well deserved final thwack of his hurley burley stick at the silly squawking person, off he goes.

    Another change I've noticed is a new director at the World Service...Andy someone. It was Fran Unsworth until now. It's probably too much to hope that he will get rid of that awful chirpy Scottish woman who sounds like an advert in Sainsbury's and the equally awful jingle of a signature.

  2. Skwakbox surely mollified that the bbc has fielded wall to wall Mason to ‘explain’ the triumph that is Corbyn for a reinvigorated Remain camp. Weird that he and he alone is who the bbc turns to at such a juncture.


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