Saturday 3 February 2018

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

One of the BBC's best defences is the affection many of us feel for the corporation's past glories and a few of its present glories.

Quirkily perhaps, one of my favourites from the past is The Day Today (and every other media-mocking series involving Chris Morris). 

In anticipation of tomorrow's valedictory interview with lovely Gerry Adams of (the IRA) Sinn Fein, The Andrew Marr Show's editor Rob Burley described this (on Twitter) tonight as "one of the funniest moments of a genius show":

I remember it well, and hope that cuddly Gerry will be made very angry by Andrew Marr's interviewing tomorrow.

As Gerry might say: BOOM!


  1. Passing of an longer shall we hear Jurrah Uddums' dulcet tones...assuring us that the boot on our throat is an attempted handshake. Still he seemed to get on well with the Rev Ian Paisley.

  2. Harry Enfield's 'William Ulsterman' at the cocktail party is a worthy complement.


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