Saturday 24 February 2018

Don't have nightmares

Some days we just don't feel like blogging, Craig and I. On other days, we feel like it, but can’t. Fortunately for this blog, when Craig can’t or won’t, I can and do. More often than not it’s the other way round. We are to blogging what Mr and Mrs Jack Spratt are to dining.

I most admire bloggers and writers who have the ability and talent to set out a case with as much consideration for an audience with a good grasp of the facts of whatever the matter may be, as for an audience with next to none. Some writers can embrace both without patronising the novice while not dumbing down enough to lose the interest of the aficionado.

Writing critically about Islam is especially tricky. How can you avoid instantly branding yourself as an Islamophobe at one end of the spectrum or an appeaser at the other? The readership will want to know if you’re speaking from ignorance or experience, knowledge or bigotry, and even if they think they’ve got the measure of you, they’ll probably still take away a predetermined message. Especially so, since the current excuse that ‘everything means what you want it to mean’ has been handed to them on a plate along with the handy bitesize epithets ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative truth’.

Immersing oneself in certain internet sites leads to a kind of ‘Reds under the bed’ type of paranoia. It works for radical Islam as well as radical anti-Islam. And yet, and yet. 

Take the films of documentary maker Zvi Yehezkeli, and Arabic-speaking Israeli Jew who has gone ‘undecover’ to make several alarming films about the Islamic infiltration of European countries; Malmo in Sweden, Marseilles and Paris, Molenbeek in Belgium and more. Some of the documentaries were filmed several years ago, and they feature footage of Theo Van Gogh before he was murdered and Anjem Choudary before he was imprisoned. Sadly, Channel 4’s “Undercover Mosque” seems to have been a one-off. These documentaries may give a one-sided view of the subject, but one should bear in mind that the mainstream media is presenting us with  the ‘other side’ almost as an assault.

It is alarming that the western media is deliberately ignoring or playing it down this threat. Just as it took years before the media and the establishment  admitted what was happening to local ‘white’ girls in the Muslim-heavy parts of cities here in the UK, the mainstream media is persistently campaigning to normalise abnormal cultural practices and excuse inexcusable, imported, antithetical values. They believe they’re doing this in the name of cohesion, terrified of all-out civil war, but their tacit encouragement can only exacerbate the inevitable in-house intifada.

Richard Landes studied of the al Durah affair in forensic detail, exposing one of the most an egregious examples of Pallywood. Here is his critique of the BBC and CNN. You’ll see Yolande Knell and Stephen Sackur.
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 Don’t have nightmares.


  1. I think it is always useful to stop and think where it is that you are trying to go in the longer term, putting aside the distractions of the moment.

    Where exactly do our politicians and their media directors see as the destination? Isn't it obvious that the more Muslims in a country the more Islamic it will become? Is that desirable and why?

    There appears to be a naive belief that anyone from anywhere that lands on these shores or contintent becomes British or European. Legally perhaps but culturally certainly not. With easy air travel, telephony and the internet the immigrant no longer has the same need to integrate in their new land as they can retain strong links to 'back home'.
    Add to that the fact that Islam considers itself the one true faith and the obligation to eliminate all others the direction of travel and the destination should be obvious. So why are we going there? "Enough is enough".

  2. I believe there is a hard core of anti-zionists including BBC and Guardian journalists and members of the Labour party, in fact the British left in general who are fully aware of the true nature of the Palestinians and the deception that is being perpetrated. I would go as far as to say they actively support dismantling the State of Israel. Whether they have the imagination to realise that in practice that would be a second holocaust I can only speculate. Taking into account the nuclear element the possibilities become even more horrific.

    As for the rest it becomes almost a kind of virtue signalling, where it is important to be seen to “be on the right side” - the side they perceive to be oppressed. Not only do they not know the facts of the situation, they don’t want to know. Unfortunately, after decades of propaganda, from notably the BBC this describes a very large proportion of the population. In fact the groupthink prevalent in the BBC and other news outlets means that they too have become victims of their own propaganda. I remember the outrage quite recently when an Israeli politician stated that the Palestinians didn’t want peace. This was nothing short of heresy - something that couldn’t even be breathed.

    Apart from blogs like this one I don’t know how the message can be got across. I do know that the present trajectory of this conflict could be disastrous.

    1. You are totally correct. Corbyn and co. don't believe in a two state solution. They believe in a one state solution which means the death of Israel and effectively the expulsion of the Jews from their homeland or worse - a second mass murder.

      There are many times in history when we see fashion combined with virtue signalling and brute force become virtually unstoppable.

      We saw it with extreme Protestantism in England, which ended up with the butchery of Civil War, the abolition of Parliament, and Christmas and Hot Cross Buns being banned. We saw it with Maoism in the sixties which ended in millions of deaths and huge suffering.

      Most people who support the Palestinian "cause" (as filtered by our media, by people like Bowen and (Irish Labour Party candidate) Guerin) wouldn't last 24 hours under Sharia law - they would be outraged at the restrictions and immediately see the error of their ways.

      But there is no way to make people experience that.

      Actually that makes me think: maybe VR will in the future offer opportunities to get across what these political philosophies actually entail.


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