Wednesday 28 February 2018

About as watertight as the BBC's oversight gets

A post at Biased BBC this morning speculated about how the BBC would - or wouldn't - cover the Max Mosley story.

It was noted that the BBC website hadn't covered it yet. 

Checking at 5 pm this evening, it turns out that BBC News website published a report about it at 12:05 today, but by 5 pm it wasn't on the Home page or the UK page and was the-last-but-one news story on the Politics page. 

Coincidentally, also at 5 pm. I spotted on my Twitter feed that the Daily Mail had now passed their "dossier of evidence" to the CPS and the Metropolitan Police, so it looks as if the BBC News website might have to disinter their quickly-buried story.


  1. STEPHEN GLOVER: I say this in sadness, but unless the BBC gets its act together it may not be here in 15 years

    This is well worth a read. Stephen Glover highlights three instances of unaccountably bad or biased, or both bad and biased, reporting standards:

    1. Max Mosley Racist Leaflet Questions

    2. The Agent Cob story

    3. Labour/Corbyn's 'policy shift' over Brexit

    2 and 3 have been extensively covered over the last week or so by ITBBCB?

    1. If we start adding to that list, we'll be up to 100 in no time at all! The BBC's attitude to the Mail is one instance of bias: nasty jokes on its comedy progs, little negative asides in newspaper reviews,and snidey references from news presenters.


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