Sunday 11 February 2018

The Curious Case of the Missing Front Page

Neil Henderson, the BBC's Newsdesk and Planning editor, who often tweets 'tomorrows papers today' for the BBC, has been accused of failing to report a particular front page:

It's certainly true that Neil's tweets - 19 of them - feature every other front page (plus many a back page) and that only the Mail on Sunday's front page about Brendan Cox is missing. For some reason.

Both editions of The Papers on the BBC News Channel last night also studiously avoided discussing this front page. They did, however, briefly show the MoS's front page - albeit with a heavy 'health warning' each time about Mr Cox's lawyers saying "he vehemently denies those allegations". 

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  1. Why the BBC didn’t tweet last week’s headline
    \\ Neil Henderson @hendopolis (BBC Newsdesk and Planning editor. )
    Last week I didn’t tweet the MOS because I was notified of possible legal action by Brendan Cox’s lawyers. Tonight I’ve been sent his statement, which I share with you now. #TomorrowsPapersToday
    10:26 PM – Feb 17, 2018//

    Did the BBC act similarly to Toby Young, in keeping off the stories bashing him ..until they were ready to run with his response.


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