Sunday 11 February 2018

A sad story but...

From this morning's The Andrew Marr Show...

Ayesha, Julia and Andrew

Andrew Marr: One of things that happens when you have a big story like this, is everybody starts to go in different directions searching for different aspects of sex problems, in this case in the charity sector. You've got the front page of the Mail on Sunday. A sad story but... 
Julia Hartley-Brewer: Yes, and I think it is important...yes, allegations against Brendan Cox, the widower of Jo Cox, of course. He denies these allegations. I have no information whether these allegations are true or not.  We do have this thing where I think the media a lot of the time pick and choose who they will expose (in their idea) for allegations, whether true or false. - not proven yet, certainly. 
Andrew Marr: For news value. 
Julia Hartley-Brewer: For news value and for political value, and I think we need to be really open about the fact that these are now being used, these allegations, whether it's about the President's Club, whether it's about Oxfam, whether it's about...that these are politicised things. And I do think we need to be very careful about people's anonymity. And I really do think that if you are going to be naming one person as opposed to another person and picking and choosing, well... 
Andrew Marr: Make very clear why you are doing it.  
Julia Hartley-BrewerWhy you are doing it. 
Ayesha Hazarika: Can I just say one thing on that? You must tread hugely carefully with these things, but sometimes, revealing the name of somebody brings forward other victims.  
Andrew Marr: Other people.  
Ayesha Hazarika: So there is a very fine line.  
Julia Hartley-Brewer: But we've also seen instances, such as with this Westminster so-called sex pest scandal where people have taken their lives, people are having their careers ruined. There are MPs currently who still don't know what the charges are against them.  
Ayesha Hazarika: Do also remember that there are thousands of people that never get justice and may never have their voice heard.  
Andrew Marr: We could talk all morning about this and it would be interesting but we must move on. 

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