Sunday 11 February 2018

Paging Katya Adler...

Katya Adler

Maybe Andrew Marr needs to send a memo to Katya Adler...
Andrew Marr: The Sunday Telegraph there has got a story from the other side of the Brexit debate - Barnier's aggression. He's been very, very aggressive this week, in many people's view, is risking a UK walkout with the beginnings of a fracturing of opinion on the European side of negotiations. You don't often hear about that, so that's interesting.
Andrew MarrDo you accept, however, that in a sense we pore over every split, every problem on the British government side, every inconsistency? On the other side we've got major nations who now disagree with each other about the terms of Brexit and stress between the national capitals on the one hand and Barnier's team in Brussels on the other, and we don't very often report this.  

Julia Hartley Brewer: Well, the BBC doesn't often report it, no! 

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