Monday 5 February 2018

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An 80-year-old pro-Brexit constituent of Zak Goldsmith received a death threat this morning:

The reply came from St.John Stephen, whose Twitter account says he has "a fortnightly spot on BBC Radio London":

Looking him up, he appears to be a regular guest on Robert Elms's Radio London show - something his Twitter feed confirms. He appears to be the programme's gardening expert.

Comments so far…could be going better for him:

  • Kiss goodbye to your "forthnightly spot".
  • What a foul individual you are.
  • Oh that was silly... why did you degrade yourself to that level?
  • You think it is ok to send death threats?
  • Why should he die @HangingBabylon? And who should kill him? Any tips on how? Sounds like planting seeds of hate is part of your gardening tips.... @BBC is this going to be the next big thing in horticultural shows?
  • Wonder what @BBCRadioLondon make of your nasty tweet
  • Can soon upgrade to say "EX fortnightly slot". Delightful individual .... not!
  • @BBCRadioLondon need to take positive action in relation to this act of hatred. To fail to do so would be an endorsement. He surely has some responsibility to uphold the values of the BBC.

Zak isn't impressed either:

And the Daily Mail is already making enquiries:



Again, comments so far...could be going better for him.

Further update: According to Guido Fawkes, the BBC has now sacked him:
A BBC spokesman tells Guido “This was clearly unacceptable” and Stephen will not be appearing on the Beeb again. 


  1. Remainiacs have made literally thousands of generalised death threats against Leavers, wishing us all dead, whether in quick or lingering fashion.

  2. Saw this on Guido, earlier. The BBC will, of course, be giving this full prominence:say, a 10 minute slot on the 10pm news and also on Newsnight...or maybe they'll just bury it.

  3. I tell you what’s going to happen - the BBC are going to dig and dig to see if the original note was fake or a hoax.

    If they can’t prove or infer that it is, this will become about hatred directed at all politicians “for balance” they’ll mention St Jo and then attack “far right” groups. The original story will then be quickly airbrushed out of existence.

  4. Just occurred to me we need a troll just to offer alternate views - about as near as we get is the polite discussion myself and Monkey Brian’s had about the Memo the other day.

    1. Yes, that was a bit edgy wasn't it? lol

      On your broader point, it can be good to have your views tested in debate with those you oppose. During the EU Referendum campaign I did a lot of jousting on the Guardian forums but eventually they close down on debate. Even the Mail Online is pretty useless for debating "controversial" (as the BBC might say) issues.

      However, I think I am old enough now to see how PC multiculturalist-globalists think. I really haven't heard a "new" argument in years. Over the years I've read the major leftist tomes...I don't reject Marxism totally - its methodology in terms of historical analysis (technology-relation to the means of production- class etc) is fairly robust.

      Seen the big falls on the Dow? All about the globalists' (co-ordinated and negative) reaction to the FBI-FISA memo release - designed to punish Trump and warn him off. But all reports (in the non-PC media in the USA) suggest he will double down - second counsel to be appointed to investigage DoJ and FBI actions in 2016.

      The news we get in the UK about all this is like a radioastronomer's distant bleep from another galaxy's star, seen through the lens of CNN. To even discuss "bias", "fact" or "truth" in this context is risible, absurd and otiose.

      If you want to know what's going on you really do have to access sites in the US.

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