Sunday 4 February 2018

Awaiting all the trolls

I was intrigued to learn from Rob's earlier tweet... 

...that his team talked to residents groups in Haringey and to Momentum before interviewing Claire Kober. That certainly enabled Andrew Marr to conduct a tough interview with Ms. Kober. 

Ah, I see that Nipper's back: 
Nipper Dodds: You were much more fair than I thought you’d be. Still think someone from the other side of the argument should be on. It’s quite a shock to discover you’re an “extremist” & “far-left” because you want the NHS, Education etc. to be funded properly. When did  this become wrong?
Rob Burley: We said no such thing. We do interviews with politicians. Other shows much more centred on public. But we represented their views. And well. 
And so's Dan:
Dan Hodges: It was very good. The difference between that and the interviews with Corbyn and McDonnell was clear.
James Mills: Nope it just seemed a bizarrely niche story for such a prominent political show, and a lack of balance overall due to the likes of Dan Hodges intimidating you last week...
Rob Burley: Oh give it a rest James, you and Dan are two peas in a pod.
James Mills: Unlike Dan I'm in the Labour Party. Furthermore, I have defended you and the show, but also openly said where I disagree, and sadly today's show you have capitulated under pressure.
Rob Burley: Absolute tosh James. All sides - as represented here by you and Hodges - try and intimidate us and we are tough with all sides. That's the job.
And the co-editor of the communist Red Pepper magazine has arrived too:
Michael Calderbank: You failed in so far as you didn’t have any voice from the community on - why do views of people in social housing  need to be “represented” by a top-earning presenter?  People in Haringey are demanding a voice. That’s what she hates
Rob Burley: Do you understand the format and purpose of the programme Michael? Try Question Time or the news. We do one to one interviews.
And on and on and on it goes.

Ah, but 'complaints from both sides'! Here's David Buik complaining about Gerry Adams being 'platformed' by The Andrew Marr Show:

Who can I complain about? I feel like I'm missing out on the fun. I know: Ben Rich, the weather guy. I much prefer Stav Danaos. Ben Rich shouldn't be on The Andrew Marr Show. Or if he is he should be forced to co-present the weather bit with Stav Danaos. Stav we can! Stav we can! 

(I don't mean it Ben. You were very good).

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  1. Definitions of troll do vary, but I have found Rob is getting rather fond of it in a Trumpian way to shut things down, or in his case try to. Twitter does not have a time limit. Unlike BBC editorial triage. Apparently.

    From what I do know of trolls and trolling, Rob may not have been but seems pretty much an archetypal one now if his bait first thing is any guide.


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