Sunday 18 February 2018

Another view

Laura Perrins

On the subject of Brandon Cox, this is quite a statement from Julia Hartley-Brewer:

And what do you make of this from Laura Perrins in response?

  • What the story about Brendan Cox reveals is how ruthless and dishonest the MSM, especially the BBC are. They knew about these allegations (see @JuliaHB1) and yet were happy to use him 2 push anti-Brexit agenda.
  • The BBC&MSM knew Brendan Cox was in a weak position to begin with, and eventually would have been brought down. It is why he didn't run for Jo Cox's seat. They didn't care about that or the two young children in this family.
  • Brendan Cox was useful 4 the BBC at the time. Now, he and more importantly the family are just collateral damage in this entire anti-Brexit agenda. Some1 else will come along for them 2 push.
  • The BBC also used Brendan Cox to push the increase in hate crime agenda when we know the evidence is weak. The image of him they put across was dishonest. They manipulated the public for the last 18 months or so. Now the extended family have to pick up the pieces.
  • The BBC and the use of Brendan Cox and the family as a whole, in such circumstances known to them at the time, is despicable and disgusting. They knew the further destruction of this family was inevitable. BBC didn't care.


  1. Two straight-talking women!

    They are quite right.

    The media but especially the BBC have been engaged in a cover up. But this applies in so many areas. They have covered for both Clintons for years and continue to do so. They have covered for Corbyn and co. re their cosiness towards East Europe's Communist regimes back in the day and their continuing commitment to unilateral nuclear disarmament. They have covered for the groomers and abusers coming from one particular community. They have covered for their the football and sports stars they choose to boost.

    I just posted this on the other thread:

    A poster at Biased BBC states the BBC website headline is/was ‘Murdered MP’s widower quits charities’. Isn't that pathetic? Anyone not knowing the story would assume the resignation was as a result of great sorrow and heartache following the murder of his wife.

    So in other words, they are STILL covering for Cox.

    1. Good grief! Yes it is still that headline at the BBC website. I'll add it to the post.

  2. The thing I didn't like about Cox was the way he sprang into the limelight the minute his poor wife was murdered, with points of view and causes, when I would have expected him to retire into privacy and family to cope with a horrific personal and family bereavement.

  3. #HimToo
    I see a lot of ENTITLEMENT in the way shouty lib/left mobbers behave
    .. hence the shouting down/bullying of political opponents etc.

  4. BTW the BBC use PR framing tricks in the footer as well as the title
    The last message of an item is always the take-way
    Here it's
    : \\ "I love Brendan. He is my friend. His family are friends with my family.

    "It's not enough to just say you're sorry, you have to show the way you are going to change in the future.

    "And I think Brendan, more so than many I've seen in this area, is actually trying to do that." //


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