Sunday 17 June 2018

David Dimbleby to leave Question Time

So David Dimbleby, after 24 years at the helm, is leaving Question Time. 

Who will replace him? 

According to the BBC, Kirsty Wark is top of the list and "other suggested contenders" include John Humphrys, Huw Edwards, Jeremy Vine and Nick Robinson. (What a thrilling list!). 

Quite why Lord Adonis and Alastair Campbell aren't being suggested in that BBC report is surely prove of the BBC pro-Brexit bias. 

With all due respect to Lord and Alastair though, I'm predicting it will be a woman. The Guardian says there's pressure for it to be a woman, and I believe the Graun about that. The BBC is bound to give in to that kind of pressure (and feel smug about so doing). 

So who will it be? Kirsty? Emma Barnett? Victoria Derbyshire? Katty Kay? 

And who's off down the bookies tomorrow? I'm plumping for Victoria Derbyshire, main presenter of the effortfully worthy Victoria Derbyshire show.


  1. [Sombre Music swells]

    NARRATOR: We shall not see his like again...the sneering at traditional values, the quirky colourful ties designed by a member of his family, the "personal" TV series featuring members of his family, the time spent directing his Liberal-supporting newspaper group while claiming to be neutral on the BBC, the uninspiring history series that should have been presented by a proper historian (setting a trend for any old newsbod - Marr, Paxman, whoever - to present history series while doing Churchill impersonations), the persistent questining of Tories on QT while giving Liberals and Labour an easy ride, the pretence that QT audience selection is nothing to do with the BBC, the irrelevant questioning of the bona fides of audience members who doubt the left-liberal consensus and finally the self-regarding humour that rarely cracked a smile.

  2. Anita Anand is good at telling people what they really mean, or they should say.

    Not only is she a woman she is also, as they say, British!


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