Saturday 23 June 2018

"I'm one of them"

Interesting tweet from the official Radio 4 Woman's Hour Twitter feed just now:

Comments (so far) could definitely be going better:

  • If you are there in a personal capacity, why use the BBC to propagate your personal views @BBCWomansHour? If on BBC duty should you not be impartial?
  • BBC impartiality? I've no problem with your opinion as a named person; I've a huge one with expressing it on a blue tick BBC account.
  • You're supposed to be impartial, you vile bunch of  w******s !
  • Gosh, never saw that coming. It's almost as if you are just a bunch of entitled, self-satisfied, middle-class flibbetygibbets who like nothing more than getting together to sniff each other's artisanal farts of moral superiority. 
  • And I’m one of 17.4 million sat at home watching the football.

Update (16:58) : And it's gone!! Woman's Hour has deleted it.

Further (Sunday): Coming late to it, a commenter at Biased BBC has just written, "So incredible I thought it must be a photoshop, but no no one called it fake, so it does seem it is genuine."

It was indeed genuine. I went to the Woman's Hour Twitter feed myself, as I wondered something similar, and found it there, large as life - hence my own screengrab directly from that feed yesterday afternoon. Wonder if the mystery BBC staffer who tweeted it got a telling-off?


  1. WelI for one am grateful for this.
    Like all BBC output since June 24th 2016, I`d never have guessed that they were Biased.
    And Womans Hour as well?
    Why-it`s been so objective, fair neutral and balanced.
    I`d not have known.

    Oh, if only we could hear something from Anna Soubry, Michael Heseltine, Alastair Campbell and that delightful Gina Miller!
    Anybody know how THEY voted, secret ballot remember?

    Why don`t the BBC try asking them? Polly? Yasmin? Owen?

    Do sense they`re a bit biased towards that horrid Mr Trump though. Is there anybody at the BBC with anything harsh to say about him? Be nice to hear from them.

    Matron says I`m doing well, you know!

  2. What do you reckon Craig ?
    Will she be punished or actually promoted for showing allegiances to the cause ?
    Bloody Marie #Antoinettes


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