Sunday 24 June 2018

Not just a pretty face

Chloe Westley

It's certainly true that Chloe Westley of the Tax Payers Alliance has caught the BBC's attention. 

Certain people do from time to time (from both sides of the old political spectrum - think of Afua Hirsch, for example, from 'the other side'.) 

Of course, right-wingers are far less censorious than left-wing ones and would never complain about someone whose views they disagree with being on the BBC too much....

😉 know, this kind of thing - from an old BBC regular too: 


  1. When it comes to women on TV, with the possible exception of Polly Toynbee, the BBC like them young and telegenic. They may be unswerving in their dedication to equality in other fields, but it doesn't extend to pulchritude.

    1. Just thought of another shuddersome exception,MB: Yasmin Alibhai-Browne!

    2. OK, for once I will relent and accept I was being unfair to them. Even here in the lookist area they are making progress in moving towards equality.


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