Saturday 23 June 2018

Mobilisation on a big scale

Well, today's People's Vote March in London certainly didn't reach or surpass the required 17.4 million mark. Nor did it equal the 2003 anti-Iraq war demonstration which saw between 750,000 and 2 million people take to the capital's street (to achieve nothing), nor the pro-fox hunting Countryside Alliance march of 2002 which saw some 400,000 people marching in London (also achieving nothing). Still, Ben Wright's report on tonight's early evening news bulletin on BBC One (which led with the story) began like this:
This was a mobilisation on a big scale, by people who had come to the capital from across the country, many of them hoping Brexit can be stopped. Two years on from the referendum to leave the EU, the march organisers said more than 100,000 people turned up to demand another vote on the final Brexit deal. 
We heard from several protestors, plus David Lammy and Anna Soubry. A less-than-impressed member of the public viewing the march was also included and Dr Liam Fox was quoted later. 

If you're wondering, the other march did get a brief mention right at the end:
In another part of Westminster there was a smaller demonstration in support of Brexit, clashing protests that proved again how divisive the decision to leave the EU remains.


  1. What’s divisive dear Ben , is the Remainers refusal to accept the Referendum result .

    1. Yes. Also, do we KNOW that the other event was smaller? I'm afraid we can no longer have any faith in the BBC's 'trusted news'.

  2. Surely that was a slip of the tongue. What he really meant to say was that it shows how fanatical some of the remainers remain.

  3. Do you think "The Referendumb" was a red flag event? to little to late. Just sayin!


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