Sunday 10 June 2018

Letting the Sundays go by (same as it ever was)

This morning's Sunday programme on Radio 4 was like most other editions of Sunday on Radio 4 - just even more so.

It continues to "offer perhaps the most undiluted liberal bias to be found anywhere on the BBC". 

It's the kind of programme where different speakers in different segments will end up saying the same things. Today its main themes included hate crimes, Islamophobia, social cohesion, LGBTI rights and the danger posed by the far-right - the latter arising as a theme because so many of the voices heard from, entirely independently of each other, emphasised the problem of the far-right. And, also entirely independently of each other, a studio interviewee and a talking head in an unrelated report brought up the spike in hate crimes following the Brexit referendum. 

Still at least there was an interesting bit about Cossacks.


  1. The far right who have no MPs, no MEPs and no Councillors, in stark constrast to the situation across mainland Europe, which somehow we are supposed to admire as been a less hateful place thanks to the ministrations of the wonderful EU.

  2. What I have never heard on the BBC is, "Why is it that the 'Far-Right' are more and more active?" Could it possibility be the rise and rise of Islamic attacks and lawlessness; and the unwillingness of the Police and MPs to do anything about it?

  3. I thought the last bit on Canon Andrew White to be a shocker. Stourton was ill informed and useless, as usual-Pope Francis sock puppet.
    This followed some twaddle about the Tories needing to do something about their "Islamophobia"-and Thick Ed saw no link between a real horror story of state snooping and hounding of an MS victim-and kite flying for Hamas by pretending that Left anti Semitism needs to be seen to be as bad as a Tory eating a bacon buttie near a mosque.


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