Tuesday 12 June 2018


Nick Robinson today on Twitter:

Comments could be going better:


  1. And it has also garnered some attention.

    Interestingly, the great man has not mounted his high horse in defence as usually happens.

    However there has been a stalwart defence at last mounted:

    "Anna Medveditsa

    Replying to @JunkkMale @bbcnickrobinson

    He is entitled to a personal opinion, which he is sharing on his own twitter account, not an official BBC acct. I realize you are mostly arguing in bad faith, and that you’ll find some other reason to object to this post. Here’s one less reason."

    Three letter acronyms not her strong point. Still, she has rather neatly again highlighted something the BBC gets away with that none it seeks to pursue negatively via twitter ever will.

  2. Contractually he's not entitled to express opinions which compromise the expected impartiality of a BBC member of staff or bring the BBC's (highly theoretical) impartiality into questions. There are codes of conduct that set this all out, but the BBC doesn't bother to ensure they are followed (except when it suits them, of course).


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