Saturday 23 June 2018

Lead story

Alastair Campbell & Co. have been banging on all week about the BBC 'failing' to cover today's anti-Brexit march so as to pressure the BBC into giving it massive coverage. And guess what? This morning the BBC News website is leading with that very march (even though it hasn't even started yet!). 

Does this prove that their dishonest campaign of bullying the BBC works? Or would the (anti-Brexit) BBC have led with it like they've done this morning (before it even happens) anyhow? 

We'll never know, of course, now.  Anyhow, it's leading the BBC News website.

and here's Rob:


  1. Will they cover with the same gusto the rally for real Brexit taking place later today?

    Or will they give it the Tommy Robinson treatment?

  2. Alastair Campbell is doing heavy BBC duty this week. Something must be up. I saw him on The Daily Politics yesterday or the day before where he was on with Nigel Farage. He did the usual thing of pontificating uninterrupted and then when it's someone else's turn, stops them speaking, wagging the finger and talking over them. At one point he was forced into appearing like a normal rational human who could concede the possibility of ever having been wrong about anything in his life. Then out of the quiet corner, Ella Whelan of Spiked suddenly came to life and went for him over Brexit and accusations of racism - the familiar smears and slurs - and although he reverted to the usual talking-over tactic, she didn't back down but shut him up and let him have it. Very satisfying.

    Today I turned on Any Questions and there he was again. Oh dear. Aren't there any ministers or Members of Parliament available? I mean for Labour. Peter Lilley was there for the other side. And there was someone from Momentum.


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