Saturday 9 June 2018

Why LBC is unsettling the BBC

Former head of BBC Television News Roger Mosey is becoming required reading at The New Statesman. His latest piece explains why the "startling growth" of LBC, along with "the punchiness of its editorial proposition", is "unsettling" the BBC. He adds that "many of the most memorable moments of political radio in recent years have not happened in their customary home of the Radio 4 news programmes" but on LBC. Here's an extract:
The BBC is uneasy about what is happening at LBC. “Surprised” is one of the milder adjectives used by an executive when asked to assess how LBC can broadcast a regular show by an elected politician like [Nigel] Farage within the Ofcom impartiality framework. If you happened to tune in only at a particular time each day, you would hardly be getting a balanced picture – and LBC has exploited to its full the idea of “due impartiality”, which allows broadcasters to aim for impartiality across the totality of their output rather than within a single edition of a programme.

Among the ranks of BBC producers, there are those who find this idea more attractive than the robotic balance of “this person says yes, this person says no” that can be the corporation’s default. That’s particularly the case on 5 Live, where the figures are heading downwards. Twenty years ago, 5 Live was a reinvention of speech radio; but its audience is being nibbled away by dedicated sport and news stations – and some of its editorial rationale is lost in an age of social media. Staff there express admiration for LBC’s interaction with its audience and the strength of its personality and they muse about whether they might be able to follow suit by having, for instance, consecutive shows that represent different points of view. 
It’s one possible response to the challenge I noted here last month about some BBC presenters displaying their political colours on social media – so why not on air too?
Perhaps the appeal of LBC over Radio 4 is ever easier to explain though. As Harriet Sergeant commented in response to Roger Mosey's piece, "Political correctness makes for boring radio. That's why we’re shifting the dial from BBC Radio 4 to LBC"

On which point, Rod Liddle at The Spectator has another fine piece headlined There are too many women on Radio 4 and they’re always moaning. In it he lists the type of people the social engineers at the BBC, especially BBC Radio 4, don't create quotas for to ensure proper representation:
  • People who want the UK to leave the European Union — 52 per cent (Source: that referendum we had in 2016).
  • People who think Islam is not compatible with the British way of life — 56 per cent (ComRes poll, 2016).
  • People who disagree with the ‘right’ of gay people to adopt children — 52 per cent (British Social Attitudes Survey 2013).
  • People who think immigration levels to this country are too high — 63 per cent (YouGov poll, 2018).
  • People who think immigration in general has had a negative impact in the UK — 71 per cent (Sky poll for the think tank Demos, 2018).
  • Europeans who want to stop all immigration from Muslim majority countries — 55 per cent (Chatham House, 2017).
  • People who believe Britain is a Christian country — 55 per cent (YouGov poll, 2014).
  • People who think, rightly, that there are just two genders, male and female — 56 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).
  • People who do not identify as ‘feminist’ — 93 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).
Rod continues:
Now, tell me if you think those views are proportionately represented on the BBC, and especially Radio 4? Do you think they are given equal airtime to the less popular liberal standpoints which nonetheless the BBC supports? If so, you have been listening to a very different Auntie to me over the past ten years. In almost every case quoted above, people who express those sorts of views are considered by the BBC to be antediluvian and quite beyond the pale, and the usual discussion to be had is: what can we do to make these morons change their minds? Those views quoted above are simply wrong, so far as the BBC is concerned, and there’s an end to it, even when those views are in a clear majority.


  1. I am sure Lord "Loopy" Adonis believes all those groups mentioned by Rod are OVERrepresented on Radio 4.

  2. I may give LBC another try but it appears to still be a load of ego-driven cheap-radio talk shows which with a few honourable exceptions I find terminally boring.

    I think the success of In Our Time (which has achieved audiences of 2 million) shows there is a thirst for more serious radio. LBC should try broadening their output to include expert discussion and straightforward "talks" (as of old), but allowing a much broader range of opinion than you get on Radio 4. Who wouldn't tune in to hear Jordan Peterson, Robert Spencer, Tommy Robinson (if he is ever allowed out again), Douglas Murray, Lionel Shriver, or Rod Liddle given some space to expand and expound without being continually berated, interrupted and maligned?

  3. LBC is same as BBC. But with adverts. Iain Dale is News-night’s favourite Tory wet, and pro Brexit gay. But not because of immigration, of course.

    As with Frank Field’s real opinion, who are both entirely relaxed about any immigration.

    When ex-presenter Paul Mason said attacked them telling him the Conservatives as racist. Iain Dale robustly defended the Conservatives for bringing up immigration.

    Iain Dale after talking to an ex-Conservative now UKIP, of course. Who dared speak about immigration and in London.

    He said he didn’t want idiots and racists contacting him, phoning him. And doesnt want them listening to LBC also.

    He only wants now respectable conservatives of now.

    The establishment and media have never been interested and never will be. THEY ARE MUCH MORE INTERESTED IN THE GREAT REPLACEMENT, WHO WILL.

    Ian Dale made it clear: He doesn’t want idiots and racists contacting him, phoning him. But also listening to LBC. (Isn’t it strange nearly all of them are hectoring private/public schooled.)

    After his rant Iain Dale sought solace and went into radio silence with some adverts.

    We can’t upset any boycott advertisers can we? Soon they will be like them and the rest, and Sun and Mail and Express know.

    To find out who rules you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise.

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  6. Iain Dale could also be leaving LBC soon. Tom Watson did his first ever show on LBC yesterday.
    * LBC is the same as the BBC but with adverts.
    * Tom Watson MP is in with Damian Collins MP and Carole Cadawallydyr in wanting to to frustrate or stop “Brexit”. And to investigate Russian rigging of the result.
    * Belonging to the School Of The Soft Left. A caller wanted to know if he would ever press the red button unlike some of his colleagues. Given a ridiculous 30 secs to answer a ridiculous and hypothetical question that will never ever happen to Tom Watson. A caller asked would he ever press the the Nuclear Button.
    * Tom Watson on his first day of Oct 25, quickly got to grips with the buttons: “The Nuclear Button” sits above the “Red Racist Button”. “And Red Dump Button” and “Red Cough Button”.
    * Below that sit these blue buttons. “Clowns to The Left of me”. “Jokers to The Right” buttons. And “Stuck In The Middle With You” buttons.
    * Ian Collins quickly joined the BBC radio breakfast show after retiring temporarily from LBC in August.
    * Iain Dale (who finds solace in the adverts from listeners and callers) could also soon be leaving.
    * In his first days he did better than Tom Watson MP in finding “The Racist Button”. It’s between “The Cough Button”. And “The Dump Button”.

    * For pastures new. He is that sort
 of cattle.

    1. LBC is the same as BBC but with adverts. And their solace to dive into during.

      Ian Collins is a long time Secret Tory.
      * He blurts out.
      * Someone who can repeatedly say: “They are like your parents. They know what they’re doing. They’ve always been the most intelligent. They always know what they’re doing”.
      * And like your parents. At the end of the day. After all is said and done. You loves ‘em.

  7. Ian Collins was born in the last days of October 1967. - But not born of the same name then.

    He’s a long time secret Thatcherite and Tory. He says he votes Green as a virtue signalling shield.

    His replacement (Tom Swarbrick) at LBC is no secret Tory and no secret Thatcherite. He’s open. Having worked as an adviser to Cameron and May.

    Ian Collins favourite subject that he often brought up at TalkRadio. Then reluctantly at first at LBC on joining it in 2011. I wonder when he will start this at BBC radio.

    While at Talk Radio and LBC he was very disappointed he was never asked on Question Time. Now he might nows he’s at BBC breakfast. And of course, he is your typical tabloid / mainstream media regurgitator and echo chamber.

    As a long time secret Tory. His favourite subject was Margaret Thatcher then LBC was Margaret Thatcher. As you would as your typical fudge packer and shirt lifter.

    He hasn’t started his favourite subject of Margaret Thatcher at BBC breakfast yet.

    While of course also, believing very strongly in pro immigration, pro multiculturalism, and globalization. And every creed of deep deep political correctness, multi-culturalism, multi-genderism, multisexualism. Every -ism and -ist, plus box ticking there is so far.

    And of course is still is a Remainer and typical Media Luvvie.

    And says he loves Britain as it is. Like Ian Dale and all. And would hate if it was any different. He loves Britain as it is, as a very diverse melting pot for the United Nations.

    And the fact that when he’s not in his “Collinsmobile” (as he calls it) walking or on public transport. He loves seeing Britain as it is. And would hate to walk around to see it as any different. And would hate it even more if there only was white faces to look at.

    Despite doing his best to hide all this. (And blurting out he’s a secret Tory.) And often pretends he doesn’t believe any of the above and below. - And would be too politically correct to do this anyway.

    And of course as your typical fudge packer and shirt lifter. Despite being married. He uses that also as his shield like saying he votes Green.

    The only discernible difference Ian Collins replacement at LBC in a posher Tom Swarbrick. Whom is an open and proud long time Thatcherite and globalizer. (And so were his parents.( Having worked for at No 10 for May and Camer-on and George Osbourne.

    Ian Collins sometimes blurts outs he’s a secret Tory. But And of course at the end of the day as Ian Collins says: “The Tories are like your parents. They know what they’re doing. They’ve always been the most intelligent party”.

    Despite what is said and done. At the end of the day you love ‘em.

  8. Ian Collins was born in the last days of October 1967. -And not of that name.

    The early Middle Ages saint and futurist and seer of heaven, Juliana of Norwich was absolutely correct.

  9. Ian Collins was born in the last days of October 1967. -And not of that name.

    The early Middle Ages saint and futurist and seer of heaven, Juliana of Norwich was absolutely correct.

    Ian Collins spent his first 25 years (he likes s to tell everyone he only started about 10 years ago) in speech radio coasting through.

    Not saying or doing anything controversial to make sure his mass of money keeps rolling in as your typical media luvvie.

    Ian Collins is a typical Cultural Marxist with 1960s attitudes. But hates the 1960s economy and economy of your average little man.

    Like when the same English caller who keeps ringing to Ian Collins always tells him the 1960s about how awful the 1960s were. - Especially how’s it ms so much better for your average little man since we joined the Common Market and EU.

  10. It maybe Churchill’s birthday but is Ian Collins still the Peter Mandelson of talk radio ?

  11. As for Mandelson. There will be an answer.

    Let it be. Let it be.
    Speaking words of Rigsby wisdom. Let it be.
    Mother Mary whispers to me. Speaking words of wisdom.

  12. Norwich: Nickers. Off. Rigsby. When. I. Come. Home.

    Both always enjoined the Old Farm Derby.

    Fellow media luvvie, Iain Dale, always looks forward to his next meeting and sparring with John McDonnell on LBC in early Feb. The last was in November.

    He said before gushingly he has always followed his career. He might take my idea to write or publish a book about him. Though they are already a lot of books about him. - Though I will never be edited into it.

  13. Tracey Crouch’s Valentine 2019 message was: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Brexit votes for me. A microwave meal for you”. — Many are considered Uber-privileged to get that by the likes of her and her government.

    She often dresses in typical 1980s Tory blue and white blouses and pinstripes. And a typical self-obsessed selfish wet Tory and Thatcherite. — But a box-ticking politically correct, dripping wet Tory and Thatcherite.

    And not to mention a typical paddling Tory wet and Thatcherite in every other way and every other womanly way.

    But every time Tracey Crouch Tory MP is on LBC with Iain Dale she takes the piss out of those on benefits and relying on food banks. - The last time in December 2018. And again before that.

    She is very keen to tell us what the Governments real view on welfare and unemployment. Every time she defends herself she spectacularly fails to do each time.

    It’s the same piss-taking script from her unless we missed it the first, second, third time, fourth time. Wherever she appears. - Often overplaying herself in case we missed it the other times.

    Tracey Crouch is very keen to tell us what the Tory Governments real views on it and unemployment is: Again overplaying her and Tories real beliefs. Every time she defends herself she spectacularly fails to do each time. Just saying “BET”.

    Instead of defending her and her government with more than one word: “BET”. She repeatedly just says “BET”. Ex-Sport Minister Tracey Crouch believes like the remainder of The Tories, that it is wasted on betting and booze and bingo and faggs.

    Instead of defending herself with “BUT... “
    After just saying “BET”. She just leaves it. Just leaving it hanging there. And just leaves it that. Again making sure we know, and everybody knows.

    BETTING. BETTING. BETTING. BETTING. In case you missed it all the other times:
    That is what she and her government really thinks. And as former Sports and Cabinet Minister. And one of those who supports and promotes and enabled as much betting as she could.

    She always repeats the trotted out ” Yeah, because we didn’t know what was going to happen”. — Even the latest Channel 4 2019 programme will regurgitate the governments propaganda and narratives.

    Followed by Tracey Crouch’s MP’s usual laugh-out-loud lingering sarcastic laugh, ha-ha, ha-ha’s and more ha-ha. Each time repeating it in case we missed it the first time.

    It is the same like that other former Cabinet Minister Esther McVey MP who always makes the point of overplaying herself, following her obviously false script “We do care” by looking down and across to her pre-ordained script.

    Eater McVey often does the same repeat trick at Tory Conference. Looking down and across to her script: “And we do care...”

    Always asked about her voting record when on LBC (which actually she is in spite of the politically correct virtue signalling) And smiling broadly like many others when pictured at foodbanks.

    Tracey Crouch is always asked when she is on LBC with Iain Dale by listeners “If she is another of those, Let Them Die Tories?”

    Yes she exactly is, is the answer is the answer she is always anxious to repeatedly tell us.

    She always make sure to remind anyone who missed it last time. That: Yes it is. Is the emphatic answer.

    Tracey Crouch ex-Sports Minister and Tottenham Hotspur fanatic is more than happy to let reveal and repeat each time. Because others elsewhere keep missing it. This is still now and always was the Governments attitude.

    Tracey Crouch always make sure to remind anyone who missed it last time. That: Yes it is. Is the emphatic answer.

    It is the always same throughout human history. — It is jusr that others keep missing it. And thus covering it up.

    And everyone knows it is for those who missed it on all the previous occasions: By trumpeting and saxophoning it loudly; sarcastically graffitiing it at every opportunity; and taking the piss by turning milk and water into urine.


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