Sunday 24 June 2018

That told you!


  1. Joe Lynam was born in Ireland, had a career in Germany before taking up journalism and is married to an Estonian - that's three personal reasons that might motivate him to oppose Brexit. Lynam's cousin is Des Lynam, the famous broadcaster and his father was also an RTE broadcaster. Not say he is an example of nepotism, but such family connections are, shall we, say not unusual in UK medialand.

    Presumably Lynam isn't saying that journalists can't dig up dirt on business people and he must be making the argument that there should be a sharp delineation between journalism and business or politics. Then did he complain about the Observer's attempt to influence the outcome of an election in the USA by getting its readers to write to American voters?

    Generally speaking BBC journalists speak up for boy scout ethics only when it's in their own interests and helps them point the finger at political opponents.

    I personally have no great liking for Banks. I prefer business people to keep out of politics. But I defend his right to respond aggressively, within the law, to attempts to destroy him (because let's be clear - they are out to destroy him, not just critique him).

  2. I ashamed to admit it would be a very satisfying kind of rough justice if someone did start digging up the dirt on journalists and editors. I can’t be the only person who has wondered just how exemplary are the lives of these sanctimonious hacks whenever some salacious story appears in the press. Particularly as they are among the chief promoters of this new age of puritanism we are now entering.


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