Saturday 16 June 2018

Losing just his temper?

A.C. Grayling is still smarting after his performance on this week's This Week. The philosopher has now tweeted

One of Andrew Neil's former colleagues on The Daily Politics, Giles Dilnot, has provided a succinct paraphrase:

Giles then added:

If only we had a present-day Molière to write a new play about the great man. Le professeur déraisonnable perhaps? 


  1. New play?

    Well,there's: 'Le Philosophe Imaginaire' & 'Les Professeurs Ridicules,' or 'Le Clown Malgré Lui'.

    I think both Grayling & John Simpson are classic examples of the dangers of living in a liberal/left Guardian/BBC bubble where one's views are never challenged & there is simply no need to justify one's views.

  2. I've spotted a connection between three of the more "deranged" Remainiacs. Matthew Parris, AC Grayling and Lord Adonis all have strong colonial connections (Kenya, Rhodesia and Cyprus). Maybe the death of Empire created a kind of identity crisis that led them to become overattached to the EU?

    1. Think you're on to something MB: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, the worst of the lot, was a Ugandan Asian!


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