Saturday 2 June 2018

DB on Emily, Katty and The Zurch

It's hard to reasonably disagree with DB about any of these, isn't it?

The BBC's DNA is being invaded, via Twitter, by ever more strident mutations. Where's the Helen Boaden or Mary Hockaday to remind them that they aren't meant to discredit the BBC's reputation for impartiality, even on Twitter?


  1. We were well ahead of the game here re Zurcher the Berserker suffering from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome. :)

    1. Very true!

      One of his latest tweets, responding to one quoting an acceptance speech that included the line...

      "“You’ve never seen a fighter like Denver Riggleman,” he said in a speech following the result. “I’ve been through hell, and I’ve got hell to give!”... typically sarcastic. Anthony Zurcher tweets:

      "Soon the world will tremble in fear at the name ... Denver Riggleman".

      Being the Berserker it's no great surprise that the amusingly-named Mr Riggleman is a Republican Congressional candidate. Sniggering at a Democrat Congressional candidate's name isn't really the Zurcher way, is it?

  2. I heard Gillian Reynolds, the grand dame of Radio reviewers on Desrt Island Discs criticising the BBC for allowing politicised presenters to identify with certain political positions. The BBC can't dismiss her view can they? Well they can, but not so easily as with us plebs.


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