Tuesday 12 June 2018

Nick Bryant seizes the moral high ground

The BBC's New York correspondent Nick Bryant is having his say:

So let's have ours too:

Monkey Brains12 June 2018 at 10:55 
Nick Bryant,the BBC's New York correspondent who never, well hardly ever, files anything about New York, is getting all ethical on us re the Trump-Kim conference: 
"Is there a special place in hell for a dictator whose regime has jailed up to 130,000 political prisoners and, according to the International Bar Association, is guilty of “systematic murder (including infanticide), torture, forced abortions and starvation”?" 
Well let's hope so. But when has Bryant ever said the same about the Chinese Communist regime, which is guilty of exactly the same (only on a bigger scale) crimes?  
Answer: never. Nope,this isn't about morality, it's about kicking Trump, poking him in the eye and calling him names.  
The US based BBC correspondents have indeed abandoned all pretence of impartiality.


  1. And Erdoğan has cast a wide net, arresting anyone who opposes him. He has jailed 40,000 people since the coup, purging another 150,000, over 1,000 members of the country’s police force and so on...

  2. I think the "special place in hell" comment was in response to the Trump advisor who said there was a special place in hell for the Canadian Prime Minister...

  3. Could this be why Bryant is so p'd off with Trump...


    Bryant, who claims to "really understand America" clearly thought Hillary was going to win the prize and get elected as President. That was the depth of his analysis, that his understanding, the extent of his punditry. He thought she was a slam-dunk. He has no excuses. Without all the benefit of access that he had, I predicted Trump would probably win, as I didn't believe the crooked polls. Clearly he did believe them.

    He hasn't learnt. He now judges Trump's foreign policy by the standards of conventional diplomacy.


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