Saturday 31 August 2019

I have a little list

Following on from the previous post, here's a list of the people interviewed on the BBC News Channel (up till 6pm that evening) after the news began breaking the other day (August 28th) that the Government intends to prorogue Parliament.

Those highlighted in red are the pro-Brexit supporters of Boris's prorogation and, yes, they were heavily outnumbered. But the BBC did invite on three members of the Brexit Party. 

The most curious thing, however, is the extraordinary length of time given to Anna Soubry. Her first interview went on for some 11 minutes. And - like the SNP's Joanna - she got a second (4 minute) bite of the Cherry later:

9.45 Celia Haddon, Institute for Government (3 mins) 
9.53 Dominic Grieve, Conservatives (3 mins)
9.56 Sebastian Payne, The FT (3 mins)
10.05 Joanna Cherry, SNP (5 mins)
10.20 Boris Johnson, PM (2 mins) 
10.24 Anna Soubry, Independent Group for Change (11 mins)
10.45 Tom Harwood, Guido Fawkes (3 mins)
10.48 Dame Margaret Beckett, Labour  (3 mins)
11.09 Pauline Latham, Conservatives (4 mins)
11.25 Prof. Scott Lucas. Birmingham University (5 mins)
11.30 Tom Brake, Lib Dems (4 mins)
11.36 Jonathan Bartlett, Greens (4 mins)
11.40 Dr. Joelle Grogan, Middlesex University (5 mins)
11.52 Chris Leslie, Independent Group for Change (3 mins)
12.08 Nicola Sturgeon, SNP (5 mins)
12.20 Anna Soubry, Independent Group for Change (4 mins) 
12.28 Joanna Cherry, SNP (5 mins)
12.37 Alexandra Phillips, The Brexit Party (3 mins)
12.43 Hannah White, Institute for Government (6 mins)
1.39 Jeremy Corbyn, Labour (2 mins)
1.46 Mo Hussein, former special advisor to Amber Rudd (5 mins)
2.09 John Redwood, Conservatives (6 mins)
2.20 Adam Price, Plaid Cymru (5 mins)
2.41 Celia Haddon, Institute for Government (with the BBC's Chris Morris) (4 mins)
2.51 Joey Jones, former Theresa May spokesman & Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph (5 mins) 
2.56 Caroline Lucas, Greens (3 mins)
3.11 Prof. Colin Talbot, Cambridge University (4 mins)
3.15 Alistair Carmichael, Lib Dems (4 mins)
3.20 Michael Peel, the FT (4 mins)
3.52 Martin Daubney, The Brexit Party (4 mins) 
4.20 Sir Anthony Seldon, University of Buckingham (8 mins)
4.42 Stephen Gethins, SNP (4 mins)
4.50 Jasper Lawler, London Capital Group (3 mins)
5.18 Hilary Benn, Labour (3 mins)
5.26 Meg Russell, UCL (3 mins) 
5.30 Philip Hammond, Conservatives (2 mins)
5.39 Lord Heseltine, Conservatives (3 mins)
5.44 James Wells, The Brexit Party (3 mins)


  1. Thank you for this Craig. I make that:

    130 minutes black against 25 minutes red, or,

    84% black against 16% red.

  2. As usual a complete lack of balance from the BBC.

  3. Now reassemble them in order of Annoyingness.

    I think Joanna Cherry is a surprise no. 1, knocking Anna Soubry or Dominic Grieve off the top spot! :)

    Being lectured about democracy by Joanna Cherry is a bit like being lectured about healthy eating by a fat maiden aunt.


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