Saturday 9 July 2022


It will be interesting to see what kind of coverage Kemi Badenoch receives from the BBC News Channel now that she's thrown her hat into the leadership race to replace Boris. 

She had a spat with the then-editor of Huff Post UK, Jess Brammar, over the behaviour of Huff Post journalist, Nadine White. 

Jess Brammar is now the boss of the BBC News Channel and BBC World.

Incidentally, Nadine - now at The Independent - is on fine form today, tweeting:
Can you imagine a Black or Asian person leading the Conservative Party? Others argue that the very concept is diametrically opposed to the party's core values.
It would be amusing if Kemi became Conservative Party leader, if only to see Nadine's reaction. 

By the way, I see that Jess is still retweeting Nadine White:

Meanwhile, the BBC News website's report - Kemi Badenoch launches bid to be Conservative leader - has an odd subheading paraphrasing this passage:
Setting out her stall in an opinion article in The Times, Ms Badenoch said a "strong but limited government focussed on the essentials" was needed.
You might think they'd use, say, “Strong but limited government”, but they took out “government”, leaving:
Are they implying something?

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