Sunday 10 July 2022

Front-page Rory

We've written on several occasions about the BBC's affection for one particular Tory - now an ex-Tory - namely, Rory Stewart. In the last Conservative leadership election, a remarkable range of BBC voices openly sang his praises [John Simpson, Gary Lineker, Quentin Somerville, John Sweeney, Danny Shaw] or retweeted praise [Emily Maitlis]. So this doesn't surprise me in the least:
Paul Embery: I very much hope that former MP Rory Stewart finds his wedding ring, but does the story really merit a place on the main BBC News page?
Adrian Hilton: You really couldn't find a much greater pointer to BBC bias than this. I, too, hope Rory Stewart finds his wedding ring, but he has no political status in the UK at all. If Jacob Rees Mogg had lost his wedding ring, it would have been totally ignored, or greeted with derision.

Not everyone agrees this is bias though:

Colin Garthwaite: How the hell is this bias? BTW, the BBC are ran by Tories. Stop talking BS!
Colin's Twitter bio reads #ScrapNHSBill #ProudToBeWoke #BLM #RefundTheBBC, so - despite the BBC being 'run by Tories' - he's proudly pro-BBC. Wonder what it is about the NHS-worshipping, pro-woke, pro-BLM BBC that so appeals to him?

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