Wednesday 20 July 2022

'hasta la vista, baby’

This post has little to do with the BBC. I'm not speaking for Craig here, but I rarely watch it now so I’m afraid that might be the direction this blog is veering towards. But you never know.

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s suffering from buyer's remorse. I’m talking about Boris, obviously, but I didn’t particularly buy into Boris's defenestration in the first place, at any rate not enough to cause remorse. I am genuinely sorry to see him go, even if I do think he is starting to look gleeful about it himself.  I was beginning to wonder if the Ukraine business had an element of deflection about it. 

I never bought the argument that it was the ‘lying’ wot done it, and I wasn’t completely persuaded by the  'lack of political integrity’ argument because I think charisma all but overrides the rest of it. 

Maybe it’s all Carrie’s fault. (The wallpaper! And that ain’t the half of it.) 


Several commentators seem to be expressing regret too.  Because just look at who we’re left with. 

Rishi reduced his chances in one fell swoop in the ITV ‘debate’ (It wasn’t a debate) by posing a pair of questions that gifted Liz Truss a massive open goal, which she duly took advantage of, simultaneously hitting the back of the net and revealing a worrying lack of perspicaciousness in her suddenly sheepish-looking interlocutor.

Penny Mordaunt has excellent hair, but it just wasn’t enough to counteract that MCB blunder. 

Kemi Badenoch is the most promising, but maybe she’s positioned herself even better (fortuitously) for the future. 

Anyway, it’s too late now. If it’s Liz, a good hairdresser can do wonders. A bit of body; that’s the way to do it.

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