Sunday 3 July 2022

Sunday's favourite Deadly Sin

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 ended its month-long celebration of Pride Month. A tweet advertising Part 5 yesterday...
Watching the riot of colour and celebration in London for the 50th anniversary of Pride In London? Join us on @BBCR4Sunday tomorrow for the last in our series featuring LGBTQ people of faith! This week we're covering the topic of celibacy and same-sex attraction.
Geoff Burke: Does it ever occur to you that millions of good people do not buy into this nonsense? I suppose not.
To be charitable to the BBC, that probably does occur to them...which will only make them push it even harder. Meanwhile, the splendid Jane Kelly added a response too that struck a chord with me, especially after all these years of monitoring the programme:
Jane Kelly: What sort of programme is #BBCR4Sunday? You just accept everything said & never challenge or even question anything. Makes it rather dull I'm afraid.

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