Sunday 1 June 2014

All the 'Big Questions'

With one episode to go, here's a list of all the subjects on this series of Nicky Campbell's The Big Questions

One of last week's big questions, "Can you be a Christian and vote for UKIP?", caused a fair bit of controversy, given that that isn't a question you are likely to find asked by the BBC about any other political party in the UK (bar the BNP, of course).

Does the full list of 'big questions' show a left-wing bias? Well, there's only one way to find out. Please see what you think.

Episode 20:
Is there life after death?

Episode 19:
Should you be able to delete your past on the internet?
Can you be a Christian and vote for UKIP?
Should assisted dying be legal?

Episode 18:
Did World War 1 change Britain for the better?

Episode 17:
Are zero-hour contracts ethical?
Is the Church of England institutionally racist?
Do fathers do their fair share?

Episode 16:
Is it more rational to believe in God?

Episode 15:
Is Islamism the biggest threat to the modern world?
Does Pope John Paul II deserve sainthood?

Episode 14:
Can Britain be proud of its role in Afghanistan?
Should the state stop interfering in parenting?
Should we have more faith in science?

Episode 13:
Is Britain's democracy working?
Should the morning-after pill be available in advance?
Are the end times imminent?

Episode 12:
Should wealth be taxed more?
Should we pay reparations for slavery?
Can illness be cured by prayer?

Episode 11:
Has trade unionism had its day?
Is animal testing ever justified?
Does religion make you happy?

Episode 10:
Is it our moral duty to stand up to Russia?
Does Clare's law go far enough?
Can children be damaged by fundamentalist religions?

Episode 9:
Has the time come to phase out local hospitals?
Will pre-nuptial agreements undermine marriage?
Are bible stories the way to teach morality?

Episode 8:
Is hate a crime?
Should it be illegal to pay for sex?
Should religions meddle in politics?

Episode 7:
Should Christians rise above their differences?
Should assisted dying be legal?
Do religions need gods?

Episode 6:
Is it time for the Vatican to confess?
Is trophy hunting good for conservation?
Are some topics too sacred for humour?

Episode 5:
Is it Britain's duty to give refuge to Syrian Christians?
Should some life sentences be for life?
Should women dress modestly?

Episode 4:
Is war ever just?

Episode 3:
Are the poor being demonized?
Should it be illegal to reveal the sex of an unborn child?
Is there any evidence for Satan?

Episode 2:
Should human rights always outweigh religious rights?

Episode 1:
Does love thy neighbour mean welcoming immigrants?
Is becoming a mum in midlife selfish?
Does society need sin?

1 comment:

  1. What is the BBC actually FOR these days?
    When does the EU decide that a vote is fine by them, and when do we have to get another one until we get the right result for them?
    What WAS it with lefty liberals in the hippie era that let them give cover to paedophiles and child abusers?
    Only three questions that Nicky won`t be asking...any more than how do Muslims relate to gays( BBC3 lately...didn`t go well!)


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