Sunday 29 June 2014

Running orders

The BBC, Sky and ITV have some shared news priorities this lunchtime on their respective news websites, but also some striking differences. 

Here are their respective running orders for you to compare and contrast at your leisure:

Radical Islamic Preacher's Family In Asylum Plea
Iraqi Troops Strike Back In Tikrit Offensive
England Fan Bites Supporter's Ear Off In Brazil
Teen Gang-Raped After Walking Through Woods
Rates 'May Return To Pre-Recession Levels'
Policy Chief Hits Out At Miliband's Leadership
All Staff Get Rights To Work From Home
Sir Elton Says Jesus Would Back Gay Marriage
Security Door Kills Girl, 3, At Ice Cream Shop
Brazil Fan Dies During Penalty Shootout

Tikrit rebels 'push back Iraq army'
Prince 'wanted more grammar schools'
GPs who miss cancer could be named
'Scores trapped' in India collapse
Metallica: Glastonbury 'sensational'
Labour in £30bn local funding plan
Britain should stay in EU, CBI says 
Interest rates 'could return to 5%'
North Korea 'test-fires missiles'
England fan's ear 'bitten off'
Final day of Hong Kong 'referendum'

Iraqi forces strike back at Isis fighters
England fan had ear bitten off after Uruguay World Cup game
Labour's policy chief criticises Miliband for 'cynical' reforms
GPs to be 'named and shamed' if they fail to spot cancer signs
Police hunt men after teenager, 17, gang raped in woods
Prince Charles asked Blair's govt for 'more grammar schools'
Interest rates 'likely to hit 5%' within a decade
Councils could 'reinstate' weekly black bin collections
Miliband: Juncker vote a 'real danger' to British economy
Dolly Parton to grace Glastonbury stage on final day


  1. No news whatsoever from Gaza - just accepting the unacceptable as normal - completely disgusting - sorry to mention Zionist control of the media - but it is so obvious now - time for a serious protest

  2. Many items on the BBC's news agenda appear to be trailers for programmes that the BBC are scheduling for the near future. There are 3 examples in the list above. The England fan with his ear bitten off is part of the World Cup coverage,Prince Charles calling for more Grammar Schools is a trailer for a Radio 4 programme yesterday (Sunday) and the Metallica story is part of their vastly over blown coverage of Glastonbury.
    The other thing they have been doing is interviewing someone and then reporting on the interview in the subsequent news bulletin.
    They do like to set the agenda instead of reporting it.
    I do disagree with Peter's comment above.I take an exactly opposite poiunt of view.
    Christopher Scopes

  3. People have been complaining that stories from,e.g. Reuters are framed as "The BBC has learnt".
    Also, statements made in BBC political interviews often reappear as headlines in news bulletins. The BBC creates the news as well as reporting it.

    I too wonder why Peter above has decided to make that particular comment on this particular website where the opposite point of view is so eloquently put.


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