Thursday 19 June 2014

The last remaining one-nation Conservative in the BBC is gone

Jeremy Paxman's farewell to Newsnight was fun. Especially the bit about Iraq.

The Boris-Paxo double act got their final Newsnight hurrah, riding around London on a tandem - Boris in front, Jeremy behind. 

Really, they should do a series together now that Jeremy is free. If Jeremy regrew his beard they could be the new Hairy Bikers, cycling around parts of London and laughing at each others jokes. Jeremy could play the curmudgeonly one and Boris the buffoonish one.  I'd watch it.

Boris described Jeremy as "the last remaining one-nation Conservative in the BBC". 

Well, he's no longer remaining, and I can't see Eddie Mair mounting Boris from behind for a piece like this.

Michael Howard put in a brief, funny cameo and the end of the programme made me laugh too. 

Lord Mandelson also put in an appearance. It's a shame he didn't literally appear in a puff of stage smoke, like Satan in a hammy production of Doctor Faustus. But then you can't have everything. 

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  1. Weren`t the BBC full of Paxo`s going on Friday?
    Why don`t they just buy the fetid old poltroon a leaving card-and stop using precious airtime to puff up this superannuated nomark?
    I get tired of in-house sanctifications and tributes for an over paid old media flunkey...the boy does nothing to quote Alecia Dixon(I think).


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