Monday 23 June 2014

EastEnders is 'twice as depressing' as the real East End warns BBC Trust boss

EastEnders is 'twice as depressing' as the real East End warns BBC Trust boss as she calls for 'a less miserable portrayal of modern Britain'.
EastEnders is 'twice as depressing' as the real East End according to the head of the BBC Trust, who has called for the corporation to do more to 'provide a less dispiriting portrayal' of modern Britain.
Acting head of the BBC Trust Diane Coyle, said the unfathomably popular BBC One soap is also too badly-acted and has too many 'kitchen sink' style plot lines to be an accurate reflection of an area such as Walthamstow, one of the boroughs on which the fictional Albert Square is based.
In her first public speech since taking over as char wallah of the BBC’s governing body Mz Coyle - who is in the running to replace Lord Patten as head of the trust - said the programme was 'crap' and 'lacked a sense of British fun'.
She also said: 'BBC Central Committee figures suggested that there are almost ten times as many white gangsters living in fictional E20 as in real life E17 and that the criminal population of EastEnders tends to be more Kray Twins-like than their real life counterparts and much more likely to have been born in the UK than real-life East End criminals'.
Mz Coyle said the BBC's Central Committee for England 'compared the population of Walthamstow in East London with Walford - the fictional home of EastEnders'.
She said it would be 'daft' for the show to be a 'perfect replica' of the real world, but said it was 'important to ask whether the BBC can do more in its popular output to provide a less depressing vision of life in modern Britain'.
Philip Mitchell, a spokesman for EastEnders, said in response, 'Leave it ahrrt, you slarrgg!', and suggested that Mz Coyle might be better advised to go and chuck herself 'darrrnn them stairrrrs'.
The BBC said they would ‘advise and support the BBC on diversity’.

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