Saturday 7 June 2014

"I feel like a Leonard Cohen record. Nobody listens to me."

The Rolling Stones' heart-lifting decision to ignore all the bullying BDS campaigners and perform in Israel, as discussed by Sue, recalls another all-time rock legend who stood up for his beliefs and performed in Israel in 2009 in the face of similar bullying from Israel haters, namely Leonard Cohen.

If you missed it, please catch while you can Radio 4's excellent, coherent abridgement of Liel Leibovitz's biography, A Broken Hallelujah, as its Book of the Week

He's had quite a life.


  1. God Bless you Craig, for reminding me of this...only heard the first two, and KNEW I`d missed out on something.
    Leonard is a prince among men-saw him at the O2 last year and blubbered like a baby over various songs...and I only discovered Mr Cohen as late as 2008.
    Dylan, Cohen, Simon-boy do we owe the Jews for our latter psalms...and Cohen is the greater of these three at his best( it`s close though!).
    Going Home is THE song of the moment for me...a heck of a guy eh?

    1. I found him even later than you, Chris, sadly..
      And I've never heard 'Going Home' before. Thank you. A whispered psalm of the greatest beauty.

  2. Heard the whole five pieces now.
    Whoever chose this book at the BBC is alright by me...and stands in contrast to those oafs who choose the likes of Blair and Campbell to serialise by way of reflex.
    There ARE good people at the BBC then....


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