Monday 9 June 2014

And, FFS, Mark Easton...

And if all that isn't enough, please give the latest blog-post from Lucy Manning's opposite number at the BBC, Mark Easton.

In it, Mark demonstrates the complete lack of impartiality for which many a top BBC reporter is known (in certain circles).

Mark echoes his colleagues on the BBC's News at Six by openly downplaying the concerns about hardline Muslim infiltration and intimidation in Birmingham's schools.

He then equates the kind of Muslim 'conservatism' that ITV described tonight - i.e. the sort of thing that has prompted the government to sent in an 'anti-terror chief' - with Catholic faith schools and Yogi-inspired 'carpet-flying' types [as if practitioners of transcendental meditation are a threat to national security!]

Where Giles Fraser goes one day, the BBC's Mark Easton goes the next. Jumping sharks.

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