Monday 26 December 2016

An intriguing tweet

Some people - including BBC history programme presenters like Radio 4 Making History presenter Tom Holland - enjoy tweeting.

They even tweet as they read books

Tom Holland is presently spending his Boxing Day evening reading Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman's All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class and tweeting as he goes

Tom's latest tweet about Tim's book evidently deals with Chapter 17, Aunty Beeb, and reads:

That would certainly be a fair point (and echoes points made here, at News-watch and elsewhere), but precisely what "BBC review" is this? That's a review I'd like to see.

I can't find anything about it anywhere though, not even on the internet. Do I have to buy the book to find out?


  1. Expect Merton is hoping for a 'K' - after all Lenny Henry got one & he was never at all funny, whereas, to be fair, Merton once was!

  2. Sorry, the above comment isn't where I meant to put it - it was intended to follow the piece about Merton's uncharacteristic civility to Prince Charles! A combination of senility and Christmas port, I'm afraid!


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